Custom designed furniture and millwork is SOMA

If you are looking for something unique; to fit a specific space; a special size; particular function or functions; the perfect finish; quality that is hard to find or something you just can't find anywhere - custom is what you're looking for. Custom is SOMA.

Being a team player is SOMA

Being part of a successful project of any size requires being a team player. Creating for residential & commercial spaces requires working and communicating with many players. Including interior designers, architects, contractors and the client. Each project viewed on our website has a different combination of players. For your project, SOMA can introduce you to the right players.

SOMA has successfully executed projects on a larger scale with industry partners. For both residential construction portions of the Shangri-la and Fairmont Pacific towers in Vancouver, SOMA completed large multiple wall unit orders.

European quality & design is SOMA

Are you looking at a European quality kitchen? You can get that kitchen along with your vanities made and serviced locally. Advanced hardware, drawer inserts, splashy finishes along with options for custom sizes and materials are all at SOMA.

Service is SOMA

SOMA won the 2010 Gold Award for Excellence of Service for a Private Residence in SOMA's first year of being a member of AWMAC(Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada).

Here is SOMA

Advice on choosing your millwork provider.

Check out their production facility. Check out their finishing shop. Check out if shop drawings are provided and their completness. Check out a project they've done.

Ask the questions: Do they actually make the product they sell? Do they actually do site measurements? Can you trust them in your home or office?

Regardless of price, feel comfortable that who you choose will service and provide a product that is worth your time, investment and make you and or your clients happy.